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What is a Cold Email? And Why Do Some Work While Others Bomb?

So, what exactly is a cold email?

Like a cold call, a cold email comes out-of-the-blue from a stranger. But it’s short, to the point, and gives potential customers time to think about whether to follow the call to action — usually clicking on a link or booking a brief phone appointment to learn more.

Plus, cold emails are often followed up with two or three or more cold emails, carefully worded to help the reader know what product or service is being offered and feel comfortable in inquiring further. Once the potential customer takes the desired action, the emails stop, and a salesperson is notified to contact them directly. And even if they don’t take any action, the mere act of opening the email sends a signal that their email address is valid.

Good versus bad B2B cold emails

Cold emails range from expertly crafted proposals to pure, scrape-it-off-the-bottom-of-your-shoe spam. Most of what makes it past spam filters is somewhere in between.

A bad cold email is impersonal, untargeted, and doesn’t accurately convey to a recipient what is being offered and doesn’t make them want to take an action.

A good cold email identifies an individual and their business by name, addresses the pressing needs of their industry, and strikes a careful balance between being too demanding and not compelling the recipient to take any action. An effective cold email takes a lot of research, expertise, and understanding of what piques a potential client’s interest and what compels them to send it straight to the trash bin.

Get help from the experts

Here at Kraken Sales Funnels, our experts have not only successfully gained new business through cold email campaigns, but we are leaders in pulling incredible lists of prospects that will give the B2B cold emails we craft for you a high open rate, click rate, and reply rate — as well as a low bounce rate.

Gathering sales leads, writing cold emails, and navigating the incredibly complex world of email authentication, domain warming, custom tracking domains, A/B testing, follow-up sends, and avoiding pricey legal pitfalls are things most business owners don’t have time to deal with.

Connect with our team, and let us take care of it for you.

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