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7 Daring Cold Email Tips To Try

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Composing a cold email that actually gets opened is not easy. People are so used to getting a stream of boring emails in their inbox that it’s easy for them to miss yours. Inboxes are bombarded with so much spam, dull newsletters, or uninteresting updates, it’s easy for people to assume that your cold email doesn’t have anything of value to offer. 

But, the truth is, sending cold emails can be an effective way for lead generation. The key is to stand out. Unfortunately, cold email techniques that have worked for years tend to become stale with time. There’s no need to panic, though! This article will provide seven highly effective strategies on how to write a cold email that converts.

1. Help Prospects With Their Pain Points

Keep in mind that busy people are willing to go through a lot of pain without doing anything to find relief because doing nothing takes less time. Be specific about how you can help your prospects solve a particular problem that you’ve identified. Cold emails that get responses often highlight the target customer’s pain points straight away. People are looking for simple solutions to their issues, and if they think you have one, they’ll be open to talking to you.

In some cases, your leads may be experiencing pain points but not realize there are easy options for addressing them. Use this as an opportunity to explain the importance of fixing the problem, and they’ll be more willing to allow you to assist them in the process.

Your goal is to reach a decision maker. If you’ve talked to many of them in the past, you’ll notice that most of them have pain points that they’ve expressed before, but their priorities get in the way of doing anything to bring relief.

It is important to help them realize that this pain could be alleviated. All they have to do is say the word and leave it in someone else’s trusted hands. Decision makers have a problem with this sometimes. It is a control thing, which is very human. 

Our ability to be human with them creates avenues for them to open up and spend time talking more about their problems.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Show Some Vulnerability

One of the worst things you can do is send a generic cold email copywriting template that seems copied and pasted to dozens of prospects. Try to generate an emotional response from your recipients by revealing who you really are and what your values are in your delivery. Composing the best cold email involves a willingness to be vulnerable. Small conversation can be helpful, but it’s not as effective as conveying a genuine emotion, such as your fear of reaching out or not knowing it all. Your prospect will feel a strong emotional connection to you if you show that you’re vulnerable.

3. Share a Story Without Exposing the Twist

Stories or anecdotes might better engage your readers than plain statistics when it comes to information delivery. As an added bonus, you can share the tale of how you solved your prospect’s problem without exposing how you did it.

What you’re trying to do here is show your audience how you can get them from one point to another without giving away the strategy. Plus, they don’t need all the nitty-gritty details because your purpose is to point their ears toward solving the issues rather than rambling on in what may seem like an unimportant conversation to them.

Finish your email with a suggestion for a phone call to go over the specifics. This will catch the reader’s interest and boost your likelihood of a follow-up appointment.

4. Get the Most Out of the P.S.

One of the most overlooked email tricks is the P.S., which most folks either fail to appreciate — or don’t use at all. Did you know that the P.S. message is frequently the first part of your email that your recipients will see?

There is no better spot to include anything closely connected to what you are trying to say in the rest of your email. The P.S. has a lot to offer because of its adaptability. Whether you want it to be personable, helpful, or promotional, it can do it all. It’s not difficult to come up with a short snippet of content that will grab the reader’s interest.

Alternatively, you can also try using the P.S. to go a different route than the direction offered in the email body. That will give you an extra hook in case the big one didn’t work.

5. Let Your Signature Make a Statement

When it comes to email marketing, the signature is among the most underused. Most folks don’t give it much consideration. Signatures commonly include the sender’s name, job title, contact details, and company logo. That’s not interesting at all. This signature serves no purpose for you nor the person you’re contacting. It’s not developing trust, and it’s not promoting anything.

There should be a spark of interest in the reader’s mind when they see your signature. It’s possible to do this by pointing to a relevant news release, an online course, or a white paper — anything that lends credibility to your organization.

6. Add Some Humor

Cold emails might benefit from a dash of lightheartedness. A common pitfall is making your message too simple, serious, or dull. Making your pitch stand out from the crowd is easier when you inject some humor into it. Humor also tends to lift the spirits of those who hear it. You’ll have a better chance of securing a meeting if you can make your prospective customers smile.

7. Think Your Subject Lines Through

Subject lines are everything when getting people to open and read your cold sales email. In other words, you should devote the same level of attention to the subject line as you do to the content of the email. Use the previous tips we’ve given you to write memorable cold email subject lines!

Note: The subject line is the one chance you have to capture anyone. Even if you have a great subject line and a sub-par body copy, you can still get them to click. Once they do that, they have you in their head.

The Bottomline

Cold email formulas get old really quickly. Even though it’s disheartening to set aside your favorite strategies from the past decade, doing so actually offers you a lot of opportunities. With the seven pro tips we’ve shared in this article, you can take advantage of fresh ways to write cold emails that convert potential clients.

Final Thought

We’ll be real here. There is some stigma behind cold emails. But the truth is, they are sent en masse to help people — on both sides of the transaction. Even though the email may not be relevant to some of the prospects that receive it, it is meant to capture those that do have specific pains and offer them a workable solution. Want to learn more cold email strategies? Visit Kraken SalesFunnels today.

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