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10 Pro Tips for Leaving a Voicemail When Cold Calling

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As a cold caller, you’ll find that most of your calls go to voicemail. Most sales representatives will leave about 70 voicemails each day. Because of this, it is essential to learn the best tactics for leaving a cold call voicemail to increase the odds of getting a follow-up.  Leaving a voicemail is a great […]

Cold Calling: How to Respond to ‘No’ Without Turning into a Blubbering Mess

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Many sales representatives find themselves easily stumped by rejection during a cold call with potential new clients. They think that once the prospect expresses a lack of interest, that’s the end of the conversation. But they’re missing out on essential cold calling tips that can help turn that initial dismissal into the beginning of a […]

7 Daring Cold Email Tips To Try

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Composing a cold email that actually gets opened is not easy. People are so used to getting a stream of boring emails in their inbox that it’s easy for them to miss yours. Inboxes are bombarded with so much spam, dull newsletters, or uninteresting updates, it’s easy for people to assume that your cold email […]

How To Kill Your Cold Call With Your Opening Words

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Why does making a cold call feel so much like asking a person out on a date for the first time? It’s the same nervousness that comes with the gravity of what you’re about to ask, the same fear of rejection, and the same doubt about whether your opening words are going to spell doom […]

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